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Look at me! (x)


    Look at me! (x)

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    Benedict Cumberbatch SDCC 2014 MTV interview with Josh Horowitz (hd) [x]

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    Benedict talking about motion capture in the ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ for yahoo (x)


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 Benedict Cumberbatch edit 2/?


     Benedict Cumberbatch edit 2/? 
  6. Follow you down to the red oak tree
    As the air moves thick through the hollow reeds
    Will you wait for me there until someone comes
    To carry me, carry me down

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    'a study in sex faces'

  8. Benedict Cumberbatch photographed by Fabrizio Maltese for The Hollywood Reporter (September/2013).

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    The Hobbit Cast Interviewed at Comic Con  

  10. The first official posters for all three films

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    Comic-Con: Watch Benedict Cumberbatch talk Sherlock, ‘Penguins’ and more

    11 minutes

    Benedict Cumberbatch made his first trip to Comic-Con on Thursday with DreamWorks Animation’s “Penguins of Madagascar,” and after leaving the shrieks of Hall H, he stopped to chat with Hero Complex.

    Cumberbatch talked about the trick of playing the smartest guy in the room, from a modern detective in “Sherlock” to an animated wolf who runs an elite undercover interspecies task force in “Penguins of Madagascar” to World War II codebreaker Alan Turing in the upcoming drama “The Imitation Game.”

    “I’ve been very, very fortunate so that it looks like there’s something going on behind my eyes that looks like I’m thinking about or understanding or encompassing the brilliance of their minds,” Cumberbatch said. “Brilliant people have private moments of self-doubt, which we can all relate to, but they also have these extraordinary moments of discovery.”

    In the midst of extreme fandom at Comic-Con, Cumberbatch also divulged some of his own obsessions as a fan – “Breaking Bad” and “True Detective” are personal favorites — and shared some details about an upcoming project he’s long dreamed about, playing “Hamlet” on the London stage next year.

    “I’m of an age now where it’s now or never,” Cumberbatch said, of performing the Shakespearean tragedy. “If I can bring a new audience to it, that means a lot to me.”

    Cumberbatch’s warm reception at Comic-Con came thanks in large part to fans of his BBC show, “Sherlock.” The actor had some thoughts to share about the classic detective’s enduring appeal.

    “He’s not superhuman,” Cumberbatch said of Sherlock Holmes. “There’s no trickery to it. It’s something if you worked hard enough at, you could actually do yourself. He doesn’t fly around in a cape…. It’s about being smart, making decisions…. You get to see a guy who’s just slightly on the edge of being different, and he’s a hero for people who feel they are different or maybe slightly on the edge of society.”

    It’s so funny how he talks about brilliant people as if he weren’t one of them…